Employee Assessment

Assessment Services are provided as a tool to screen LSI applicants and candidates prior to assignment with client companies. Proper assessment will reduce turnover, increase productivity, increase loyalty and improve overall job satisfaction. These services are also offered separately to facilities and organizations interested in outsourcing some of the routine tasks associated with the employee screening process. The following services are provided individually or in combination with other programs:

  • Behavioral/Personality Assessment
  • Background Checks – Local & National
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Motion & Movement Testing
  • Employment Verification
  • Physical Dexterity Assessment
  • Industry & Client Specific Testing
  • Safety Knowledge Assessment

Customized For Your Company’s Needs!

All areas of assessment offer options for specific verifications based in company needs, requirements and policies.

Example: Drug Screens

The drug screening process is offered in various forms with the different costs associated with the different tests. Based on the type of test requested and the required response time, we can provide an “in-house” test for as few as five drugs or as many as requested. These tests produce immediate results allowing the employer to respond quickly based on the test results. These rapid tests are less costly to employers.

Test options also include urine testing, as well as oral fluid testing. More detailed lab work is required for some tests, therefore the associate response time is longer and the expense is more costly. Another option for the process is hair testing.